Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Haircuts and Wagon Rides

My boys don't like haircuts. Taylor bears with them very well now, but the younger two make no secret of the fact that they don't appreciate my work. Since I really don't have much idea about what I'm doing when I cut it, they're basically my guinea pigs as I attempt to save a few bucks.
Ha! I love this face. Caleb was not happy when it was his turn and I couldn't resist a picture of his little depressed state. It looks like life has dealt him a terrible blow.

The "after" shot! Caleb is really happy now because I had just announced that he was all done.

It didn't occur to me to take Dallin's "before" photo, since I cut his hair first. However, he wanted his "after" shot taken in order to practise his smile for his school pictures tomorrow.

The boys love wagon rides, courtesy of Daddy. He runs all over with them at high speeds, over bumps and hills and straight into the pile of gravel in front of our house. The boys shriek with laughter and love every minute of it.

Three Boys in a Wagon
We're amazed that they actually all fit.


  1. I couldn't help but chuckle at Caleb's cute pout!

  2. Ryan wanted to save some money and have me cut his hair. It did not go well. In order to save our marriage he now does it himself or pays someone to do it for him. It looks like your haircutting skills are much better than mine! I'm impressed.

  3. Caleb is tough as nails and doesn't need a helmet?


  4. The other two had been riding their bikes and so already had them on. Caleb had just joined in but he has to wear a helmet before they get going!