Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dallin's Sandpile Construction "Team"

We had a great weekend on September 18 - 20 when Jeff came home from his mission in California. As many as were able came home to Raymond for the weekend and we had a good time with siblings and cousins. (We missed all of you who couldn't be there.) Our boys love playing in Grandpa and Grandma Smith's big sandpile, so they started doing some digging. Soon, Uncle Chris and Uncle Jonathan came to do some heavy-duty excavating, and construction began on a big volcano with a waterfall, river, and an island in the middle. Dallin thought this was great and immediately began taking charge of his "team", as he called it. We found he was a tough boss when he admonished Jonathan and told him to "keep working!" He could give credit where it was due when he told Chris and Jonathan, "good job, you two" as they lined the waterfall area with rocks. Dallin also has a talent for delegating tasks, but he soon found out that he isn't allowed to delegate his jobs to his mother.
L-R: Daniel, Evan, Caleb (in full leap), and Dallin. Caleb was busily parking all the diggers on the island. Uncle Jonathan built a little bridge that could withstand even Caleb stepping on it.

L-R: Evan, Daniel (sporting a stylish buzz after a run-in with his cousin of similar age and some scissors), and Dallin.

Caleb and Dallin, working to finish the wall surrounding the moat.


  1. So much fun! I want to play in dirt pile! Boys are so creative. Girls would never do anything like that. We would have cleaned it up.

  2. I remember doing that with Ashley Meeks in her huge sandbox. Her dad came out with a shovel to help and it wasn't as big as theirs but it was pretty big. Also, when we used to have our really deep sandbox (rip), Travis would fill it up with water and we would float around in it like a swimming pool