Sunday, September 13, 2009

First Day of School

Taylor started Grade 2 at Raymond Elementary School on August 31st. His teacher is Mrs. Firth. He has always loved school and, so far, this year is no exception. Also, Taylor has some new glasses! We think they look very cute with his dark brown eyes and hair. Taylor took a few days to get used to them and was disgruntled at first that we couldn't find bright yellow glasses, but he seems to like them just fine now and admits that he can see the blackboard at school better than he could before.

Four-year-old Dallin went to his first day of Preschool on September 9th. His teacher is Peggy May, who also taught Travis when he was in Preschool! Dallin absolutely loved his first day of school and was dismayed to hear that he only gets to go two afternoons a week.

Caleb wanted to be part of the school pictures too. When he saw how fun Dallin's classroom looked, he would have been happy to stay too, but since Dallin strolled in so confidently, Mom was glad she had a little boy to take home with her.

Dallin told Mom after his first day that "the classroom is just beautiful." His teacher liked that. It must be nice to have someone notice the work that goes into the decor!


  1. Your kids are getting pretty big! Love the new blog. Now I can spy on you more!!!

  2. Oh Mardi, it is so good to see your kids again! I cannot believe how much they have grown up! I had to laugh at the picture of your boys with the dinosaurs...because in our house it is all of my girls around a bin of Polly Pockets and a fancy castle. And I admit, the Polly's do not stomp, roar or bite each other.