Friday, December 18, 2009

A Home for Baby Leopard

Caleb has a little baby leopard toy that he likes to carry all over. The trouble is, it's a little bit too little and Caleb is always setting it down and forgetting where he left it. Thus, looking for Baby Leopard is an oft-repeated daily ritual. I wish I could stick some kind of GPS tracking device on him. Anyway, Caleb decided that Baby Leopard needed a home and so he set to work and built quite a magnificent block castle all by himself. Caleb pointed out to me that the yellow blocks inside the house made a "really fancy floor". Nothing but the best for Baby Leopard. Maybe he can live here now and won't go missing quite so often.

Ooooo Yes, It's Pajama Time!

We got out the new pajamas for the boys a little early this year, partly because Dallin and Caleb's are seasonal and so it's more fun to wear them leading up to Christmas. Wearing Santa jammies in March might not be quite as much fun. Also, Taylor is outgrowing all his pajamas like crazy, and so he really needed some that actually come down to his wrists and ankles! The boys were pretty thrilled with their pajamas and wanted to pose by the Christmas tree with them. They were pretty cute!

Group Brothers Hug!

Travis was pretty disappointed not to receive new pajamas too, but he put on a brave face for the camera. Looks like my shopping isn't done after all!

Friday, December 4, 2009

A Very Merry Bissett Christmas Album

Here is another in the Bissett Boys' series of holiday albums. Dallin once again brings home some great song selections from Preschool and has taught most of them to Caleb. Highlights in this video include Taylor in character as a shepherd (though he mostly succeeds in appearing to be Russian), Caleb as a "poor bee" (mostly because Dallin dressed up as a sheep for Taylor's performance), and the boys all displaying a complete disregard for the lyrics to "Jingle Bell Rock". Who knew that the phrase "miss all the fun" was in there? What's missing from the footage is the bee threatening to sting the sheep and the shepherd cheering the bee on. We hope you enjoy this little video from the Bissett Boys in the spirit of the season!