Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Look at Our Boys

Since this blog is about our family, especially our boys, we begin with a brief look at what we look like these days, especially for all of you that we do not see often.

Taylor, Dallin, and Caleb, sitting on the canister of the vacuum cleaner and expecting me to pull them along. If anyone ever wonders why vacuuming can be a challenge for a mother, this is why.

Mardi and her boys at the Cardston Alberta Temple. This is pretty classic. Dallin, rather ticked, with the ever-present Cat, Caleb (with Wolf), wanting to be set free so he can go look for bees in the flowers, and Taylor, the only one not requiring restraint. I'm pretty proud of my handsome little guys, though. (Incidentally, Dallin thinks this picture is hilarious and laughs like crazy at himself.)

A common scene. The boys love to play dinosaurs all together. It mostly consists of making their toys stomp, growl, and, of course, bite. The stories usually end with Dallin declaring, "And the dinosaur fell in a puddle of blood! Dallin's big green T-Rex is named Terrence. A good family name.

A favourite pastime of the boys. We're working on landscaping but still have all our lovely dirt. The boys love to add water and mix, thereby creating rivers and lakes and getting very dirty in the process.

Caleb and his Crayons
(Note: Caleb and his crayons require close supervision. He thought it was fun to write on all the family room walls with ink one day. I think I've only just finally got it all off.)

Reading books with Daddy.

Daddy and Caleb fixed the bread machine! They were very proud.

Three boys in matching shirts from Grandma Bissett. They all love stripes!

The boys all think it's really funny to race towards the camera as fast as they can while I'm trying to take their picture. They insist on looking at the picture afterwards and laugh themselves sick over it.

Travis and Mardi at the Cardston Alberta Temple on my cousin, Jen's, wedding day.

We were married here more than 10.5 years ago. Time sure flies when you're having fun!


  1. Great blog and pictures! I love how Caleb is sitting on carpet while coloring - with close supervision of course. We don't trust Brayden in the slightest and so he is only allowed to color while in his high chair! One day he will be out of the high chair day. :)

  2. Caleb isn't typically allowed to colour while on the carpet either. He just happened to find the crayons in Taylor's desk and plopped down and went to work. It was too cute not to photograph, but I certainly didn't let him sit there alone with the crayons!

  3. Okay, I had a flashback to playing in the basement with Christopher, Steve and Greg when I saw the picture of your three boys playing with the dinosaurs. Very nice blog, Mardi. I love the picture of the boys running at the camera.