Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Bissett Boys' Christmas

The boys were, of course, very excited to open their presents on Christmas morning. However, nobody woke up to do this until 8:15 am so Mom and Dad got a nice gift right from the start. Anyway, we had a wonderful Christmas together and it was so much fun seeing our boys so excited about everything. They all agreed that it was well worth the wait.

The three boys with their Diego Rescue Packs full of great Lego pieces for making trucks, cars, planes, and submarines. They had all been wishing for propellers and wings to make their cool vehicles.

The big ones are always so exciting!

Caleb's big brothers help him open his new blocks. Baby Leopard will soon have an addition on his house.

The Bissett Boys on Christmas morning.

Checking out the stockings.

Dallin, hard at work building one of the amazing Lego hovercrafts he is famous for.

Caleb, playing with the new Lego crane and backhoe loader.

Official Hot Chocolate Tasters

On December 5th, we woke up to a huge blizzard and six-foot drifts. The boys decided that hot chocolate was the only remedy for being snowed in!


Dallin: He's my big-time chocolate loving boy.


Caleb is a big fan of marshmallows, even if he has to fish them out by hand.