Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mardi's Birthday

September 14, 2009
I just had my 31st birthday, and my boys certainly spoiled me. Travis surprised me by staying home from work for the whole day, which has always been a kind of dream of mine. We had such a nice day at home together with our boys. Travis also baked an angel food cake so we could have my favourite dessert - strawberry shortcake. The fancy cake decor also comes courtesy of my husband's great mind. Who would have though you could use a single candle for a number one?
The little boys planned a great party for me. Dallin told me that, "since you're a girl, you might not like playing Pin the Tail on the T-Rex with us boys." So, they courteously arranged a game of Pin the Tail on Hello Kitty for us to play instead. It's nice to know they can cater to the lone female in their house once in awhile.

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  1. Hello Kelly, how cute! I think your boys are adorable!