Friday, August 20, 2010

By Surprisingly Popular Request...

I've had a lot of people ask me why I haven't posted pictures of myself progressing in size throughout my pregnancy. I should have thought the answer to that was painfully obvious. However, now that I'm almost done, Travis did take some photos of the boys and I outside so I suppose I can post them and at least be reasonably sure that it won't get much bigger than this. These are all taken at 38 weeks, with two weeks to go to my September 1st due date.

My three precious boys. They are so very excited to meet their new baby sister! Taylor has been making cards of welcome. Dallin asks every day if today is the day that she will come. Caleb jumps for joy whenever we talk about her arrival. He told me one day, "I love our new baby so much and I haven't even seen her yet!" He was opening all the drawers to the dresser in the baby's room one day and when asked what he looking for, he said, "I'm just checking that none of the baby's clothes are going mouldy." I think he'll be a vigilant big brother, just as the other two are.

Poor Dallin. He'd rather be riding his bike, which is what he thought he was doing when we came outside. He was released right after to go and do just that.

My baby Caleb stayed with me for another picture, though!

Taylor thought that Travis and I needed one together too, so he took the picture for us. Travis has his elbow pads on since he was roller-blading with the boys.

Here are the obligatory pregnancy shots. First, the straight-on, first impression shot.

Next, the classic 'hand on tummy' shot.

And, of course, the collection would not be complete without "the profile".

Hopefully, this satisfies any curiosity any of you were feeling.

Agatha the Hutt

I've been a dismal blogger as of late, but I suppose that was rather predictable. The arrival of our new baby is very close now, but even when it wasn't as close, we did already have these three little boys who actually take a bit of effort to raise. Who would have thought? So, here we are.

We've fallen behind in posting pictures here, but we've been having a fun few months. Lately, the boys are very much into anything to do with "Star Wars", and light sabre duels are a daily occurrence. However, they're still a bit new to it all so some of the names are hard to remember. For some reason, they all have it in their heads that Jabba the Hutt is in fact named Agatha the Hutt. It's pretty funny to hear them all going on about "that evil Agatha". One day, Dallin pulled out a feather duvet and decided he would make himself into Jabba/Agatha. I thought he did a pretty good job!

Dallin as Agatha (or Jabba as you prefer) the Hutt

I told Taylor he could be Salacious Crumb to Dallin's Jabba, but he wasn't too keen on the idea for some reason.

Dallin, doing his very best imitation of the yucky "Jabba tongue".