Friday, January 7, 2011

Ward Christmas Party

Our ward Christmas party on December 1st was a fun one for the kids. They all got to meet Santa and do some games and crafts before the rest of the ward arrived later for supper and a program.

Megan, all set to head out to her first Christmas party.

Megan and Caleb

Dallin and Caleb with Santa. Dallin declared that he was a believer this year, "but only for this year", he told us. Better safe than sorry. Nothing to lose by believing! Caleb's still playing it cool.

Taylor and Megan with Santa

Megan and her cousin, Teren, pose with Santa for the cutest photo of the night.

Taylor knew that his cousins, Elania and Brayden, are firm believers in Santa and so was very enthusiastically playing it up for them while waiting in line. Caleb had a different solution: "We won't tell them that Santa isn't real. We will just tell them that Santa is fake." I can't believe I've raised such a kill-joy three-year-old!

Caleb, the non-believer, works on his Christmas craft.

Caleb, Elania and Brayden

Taylor joins in to help.

Caleb went a little overboard on the stickers on his Christmas card. I think there were three or four layers at least.

Taylor shows off his finished card.

Dallin Turns Six!

Dallin turned six years old on November 24th. He was so excited to have many of his Raymond cousins come over for cake, presents, and a light sabre duel! The kids all had fun with the usual dry ice too.

Caleb was as excited to give Dallin his present as Dallin was to receive it!

Dallin and Noelie

Dallin had another volcano cake this year, but this time he wanted it to be a volcano from the lava planet of Mustafar where Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi had their epic duel in Star Wars: Episode III. Mom did her best on short notice (he changed his mind a number of times leading up to the birthday) and it seemed to please Dallin. Uncle Greg said that he thought it looked like a very tasty 'chocolate mousse-tafar'. Anakin and Obi-Wan are on top with light sabres drawn, but it's hard to see in this picture.

Dallin and Taylor on Dallin's sixth birthday.

Megan, Ballet Princess

A small (trust me) sampling of Megan's recent ballerina pictures. She fits her little tutu swimsuit now and looked so adorable, we had to take pictures. Some of her poses were pretty close to the real thing, so we made a special ballet book for Aunt Chanelle for Christmas, starring Megan.

Halloween 2010

We're playing some catch-up now that we've hit the new year. This is looking back to Halloween. Our boys were all Jedi Knights and Megan was a strawberry. We met up with cousins Elania (Minnie Mouse), Brayden (a "normal knight"), and Teren (an adorable spider). Chanelle is lurking in the background as herself.

Light sabres are always drawn. You just never know.

I like that Brayden, the Normal Knight, has joined in with the Jedi Knights and has his own sword raised.

Mardi and Megan with Teren and Mike. We were lucky to have such a warm evening for Halloween. The babies were actually allowed to emerge from their blankets for pictures.

Mardi and Miss Megan Strawberry

Dallin wanted to show off some Jedi moves.

The wide stance is his favourite.

Megan has had enough of her first Halloween!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Our New Baby Girl Is Here!

I've been slow in getting a new post up, but that's what happens when a new baby arrives. We're thrilled to announce the birth of our sweet baby girl! Megan Clara Bissett was born on Sunday, August 22, 2010 at 3:11 pm. She decided to make her appearance ten days early, which was a very nice surprise. She weighed 6 pounds, 15 ounces (another nice surprise to have such a little one for a change!), and was 20 inches long. She is beautiful and perfect and we're so grateful. Megan is adored by her three older brothers, Taylor, Dallin, and Caleb. They call her their "pretty pink princess" and she does indeed have a beautiful pink complexion and just looks every inch a dainty, sweet, little girl. We're having fun with pink! Here are a few pictures of our little sweetheart.

Megan Clara, just moments after delivery and peeking at Daddy.

Mardi and Megan, right after delivery.

Travis, giving hungry little Megan a drink shortly after delivery.

Megan, all wrapped up and cozy after a bath.

The boys meet their new baby sister!

Taylor and Megan

Dallin and Megan

Caleb and Megan

Megan: almost one day old!

Taylor, Mardi and Megan

Megan, snoozing on her first evening at home.

Our beautiful baby girl!

Friday, August 20, 2010

By Surprisingly Popular Request...

I've had a lot of people ask me why I haven't posted pictures of myself progressing in size throughout my pregnancy. I should have thought the answer to that was painfully obvious. However, now that I'm almost done, Travis did take some photos of the boys and I outside so I suppose I can post them and at least be reasonably sure that it won't get much bigger than this. These are all taken at 38 weeks, with two weeks to go to my September 1st due date.

My three precious boys. They are so very excited to meet their new baby sister! Taylor has been making cards of welcome. Dallin asks every day if today is the day that she will come. Caleb jumps for joy whenever we talk about her arrival. He told me one day, "I love our new baby so much and I haven't even seen her yet!" He was opening all the drawers to the dresser in the baby's room one day and when asked what he looking for, he said, "I'm just checking that none of the baby's clothes are going mouldy." I think he'll be a vigilant big brother, just as the other two are.

Poor Dallin. He'd rather be riding his bike, which is what he thought he was doing when we came outside. He was released right after to go and do just that.

My baby Caleb stayed with me for another picture, though!

Taylor thought that Travis and I needed one together too, so he took the picture for us. Travis has his elbow pads on since he was roller-blading with the boys.

Here are the obligatory pregnancy shots. First, the straight-on, first impression shot.

Next, the classic 'hand on tummy' shot.

And, of course, the collection would not be complete without "the profile".

Hopefully, this satisfies any curiosity any of you were feeling.