Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lousy GeoCities

Here we are on the inaugural posting of the newest Bissett Family blog. We had a family website which we were perfectly happy with, but, lousy old Yahoo decided that as of October 26th, it would shut down its GeoCities Web hosting service and hence, our little website would be no more. This was rather sad since we've had it going since 2003 when we moved to Ottawa for law school, and I put quite a bit of time into figuring things out. I realize that the whole format was starting to look like a dinosaur and navigation wasn't too slick, but it suited our purposes just fine. Anyway, we've been forced to get with the times and upgrade to this newer, fancier blogging format, so I hope that all who are interested will enjoy visiting and keeping up with the doings of our little family.

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