Friday, February 12, 2010

Another Birthday Extravaganza: Caleb's 3rd!

We have a final installment of Bissett Birthdays to report, and then we promise we won't bother you with another one for at least six months or so. Our birthday season finishes with Caleb, our sweet new three-year-old! Dallin asked him in the morning if he was "still a little baby or a big boy now?" Caleb replied that he was, "Three! A big boy!" Dallin groaned. He wants Caleb to stay a baby forever and still dotes on him and calls him his "little Caleb baby" and wants to "hold" him, even though Caleb weighs about as much as he does. Mardi can relate to Dallin's feelings, but we're sure happy to have had Caleb a part of our family for three years now. He's our little sunshine with the golden hair!

Caleb and Taylor, our boys with the February birthdays. Caleb was excited for his third birthday to arrive on February 11th, and his brothers were excited for him!

It should be noted that the February birthdays always place somewhat of a strain on Dallin (see face). However, he cheered up, recovered very well, and had a good day doting on Caleb.

Caleb, with his new yellow bucket, and opening his clock puzzle.

The clock puzzle was a big hit!

A new toy tractor!

Caleb had lots of visitors on his birthday. Grandma Bissett and Great Nana Bissett came over and spent the late afternoon and evening with him. Great-Grandpa Regehr, and Grandpa and Grandma Smith came too. Great-Grandma Matkin talked to him on the phone, and he has a date with Great-Grandpa and Grandma Smith for the day after his birthday. What a lucky little boy to have so many wonderful grandparents!

The great Bissett dry ice tradition was continued, though we didn't incorporate it into the cake this time. Caleb decided he wanted a cheetah cake, and we were pretty sure that cheetahs don't breath smoke. So, we just made a big bowl of brew and added some dish soap. Good times ensued.

Dallin and Caleb

Caleb and his cheetah cake. Mardi was relieved to have a much easier cake assignment for this birthday.

The sparkler was so exciting, and Caleb blew out all the candles in one blow!

Caleb has always been a boy who enjoys having his cake and eating it too.

Grandpa Smith and Caleb go through the sea shells that Grandpa and Grandma Smith brought from Hawaii. Caleb had fortunately received his great little bucket as a gift earlier in the day, so he has a perfect place to keep them! Caleb declared that he was going to build a "tidal pool" using his new shells.

Taylor tries out the new conch shell that Grandpa and Grandma Smith brought him from Hawaii for his birthday. Grandpa proved that he's really good at getting a great sound out of it! Taylor is practising.

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