Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Taylor's Baptism: February 27, 2010

Taylor was baptized on February 27th in the Raymond Stake Centre. He was very excited for this important event and everything went so very well. He was the only one being baptized at the service, so it was nice that he was able to choose the program outline. He asked his two grandmas to give the opening and closing prayers, Nana Bissett to play the piano, and Mom to lead the music. He wanted Grandpa Bissett to give the talk on baptism and Grandpa Smith to give one on the Holy Ghost. Both grandpas did so well and we appreciated their words. Taylor was baptized and confirmed by his dad. He had two grandpas and four great-grandfathers assist with his confirmation - a unique and special circumstance. We were so grateful to have them all present. We're thankful to all of our family members who made the effort to attend and support Taylor on his special day.

Taylor and Dad

Taylor and Mom

Bissett Brothers: Caleb, Dallin, and Taylor, after the service. Caleb was impressed with Taylor's baptism. He watched attentively and then turned to Mom and said, "Taylor went under the water and he didn't even die!" We hoped he hadn't been thinking all along that he would! 

We're so proud of our sweet Taylor!

Taylor, with his dad and grandfathers. What a wonderful grouping!

Taylor, with his mom and grandmas who love him so much. We missed Grandma Regehr today, but we're sure she was aware of Taylor's baptism too.

Taylor and Dallin (and Cat, of course!)

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