Friday, February 5, 2010

Eight is Great!

Taylor was so excited for his eighth birthday! He is always glad to share his special day on February 2nd with the groundhogs of the world.

Waiting to open presents.

A plush black rat that Mom and Dad found at Ikea (that place is so great for finding toy rats!). The rat was immediately added to Taylor's growing rat family and was declared to be "the daddy, who goes off to his dangerous job every day!"

Taylor, opening a box containing two Webkinz. The envy on Dallin's face is palpable.

Taylor happily shows Dallin his new caterpillar and lemon-lime gecko Webkinz. Dallin is not a happy camper. How was I to know that Dallin had long cherished a desire for a lemon-lime gecko? This day was the first I had heard about it. Birthdays can be so sad when they're not yours.

Taylor, with rat, gecko, and caterpillar. Dallin lost it about now.

Taylor and his Great-Grandma Smith, with his new baptism book. He is excited to be baptized on February 27th!

Taylor, with his new 'Guess Who?' game from Grandpa and Grandma Bissett. Dallin had recovered nicely from his disappointment of the morning.

Mardi's culinary skills were once more strained as she attempted to fulfill Taylor's desire for a "yellow, fire and smoke-breathing dragon cake, with wings". Fruit roll-ups did the job for the fire and the wings.

Ever since Dallin's epic volcano cake, the boys feel that every cake should incorporate dry ice in some way. Travis now has a 'dry ice guy' who is more than willing and able to equip him, so we managed to get the dragon to breath smoke. The boys were very impressed, I'm happy to report.

So, since Dallin's birthday last November, we now have a new birthday tradition which involves playing with the rest of the dry ice after the cake has been cut. I think this is their favourite activity for birthdays now. Caleb is already talking about the "smoke" for his birthday coming up next week.

Stirring the brew.

Travis decided to add a drop of dish soap to the dry ice mixture to see what would happen. This gives a general idea of the result.

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  1. Cute cake Mardi. I love that the dragon breathes fire & smoke. Reminds me of the smoke in the Reluctant Dragon:)