Friday, August 20, 2010

Agatha the Hutt

I've been a dismal blogger as of late, but I suppose that was rather predictable. The arrival of our new baby is very close now, but even when it wasn't as close, we did already have these three little boys who actually take a bit of effort to raise. Who would have thought? So, here we are.

We've fallen behind in posting pictures here, but we've been having a fun few months. Lately, the boys are very much into anything to do with "Star Wars", and light sabre duels are a daily occurrence. However, they're still a bit new to it all so some of the names are hard to remember. For some reason, they all have it in their heads that Jabba the Hutt is in fact named Agatha the Hutt. It's pretty funny to hear them all going on about "that evil Agatha". One day, Dallin pulled out a feather duvet and decided he would make himself into Jabba/Agatha. I thought he did a pretty good job!

Dallin as Agatha (or Jabba as you prefer) the Hutt

I told Taylor he could be Salacious Crumb to Dallin's Jabba, but he wasn't too keen on the idea for some reason.

Dallin, doing his very best imitation of the yucky "Jabba tongue".


  1. You know, I think if you were to do a little "Hutt family history" you may find that Agatha was actually Jabba's great-great-aunt who was, in fact, also very evil.
    Either way Dallin does a rather stellar impression!

  2. We can all learn more about the Hutt clan be reading Wookiepedia.

  3. Nice, very nice! The tongue is an especially nice touch!