Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When We're Helping We're Happy (Honest)!

We've been rather neglectful of the blog lately and have some catch-up to do with photos. This selection is from April 12, 2010 and shows the boys during a Family Home Evening activity where we practised some valuable "cleaning skills", as Dallin calls them. We took pictures so that we could make a little slideshow later for the boys to watch and they actually seemed to enjoy themselves. Caleb especially is a great little helper around the house and often cleans spontaneously. The other two need a little more reminding. Cleaning the toilets was an especially big hit and I was happy to have eager volunteers to scrub all three of them in the house!

It was only fair that the boys clean this window since they're the ones who always have their hands, noses, etc. pasted to it while watching for Daddy to come home.

Washing the window looking out over our lovely dirt front yard. We're looking forward to grass very soon this year (as soon as it decides to stop raining).

Caleb sweeping floors.

Dallin washing floors.

Taylor putting away utensils from the dishwasher.

Caleb loves to empty the dishwasher. He's already an expert. He'll be a real prize of a husband someday.

Dallin goes to work on his first toilet.

Caleb sets to work in the basement bathroom.

Dallin works in the master bath.

Last toilet picture. They really had a good time with it. I only wish that Caleb was as keen on actually using it as he is on swishing in it.

Dallin thinks it's fun to clean mirrors if he gets to climb on countertops to do it.

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  1. Send those boys my way! I could use a few extra helping hands around my place!