Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween from the Bissett Brothers!

We had a fun Halloween! The boys loved trick-or-treating, and sang Halloween songs for all of their grandparents we visited in town. (See the video below for a sampling of some of their songs.) We were lucky to have such mild weather that made walking around quite pleasant. Hope everyone had a great night!

Three boys in their matching skeleton shirts and their carved jack o' lanterns.

Caleb discovers the distinct aroma of pumpkin innards: "What's that stinky smell?"

Taylor enjoys cleaning his pumpkin a lot more if he has a rubber glove to avoid the slimy texture.

Caleb doesn't enjoy it even with the glove.

The face says it all.

Dallin, of course, usually has a different opinion on things. He filled up his bowl with innards and declared that he was calling his new dish "Ogre's Delight".

Dallin was quite delighted with how gross the whole experience was. No rubber glove for him!

Dallin carefully directed Daddy during the carving process.

Taylor's black rat costume for his school party and parade. Grandma Smith gave him the silver pumpkin with a rat head and tail poking out of it.

Dallin the Shark and Caleb the Bee at Taylor's school Halloween Parade. Mardi's mom made a shark costume years ago that we wanted to borrow for Dallin, but we couldn't find it anywhere, so Mardi and her mom had to sew up a new one. Dallin was really pleased with it! It seemed to be sufficiently fierce-looking.

Taylor, in his dinosaur trick-or-treating costume (It was warmer than the rat one and Taylor had had a hard time deciding which one to be, so it worked out well.) Caleb was a very enthusiastic trick-or-treater and quickly caught on under the tutelage of his brothers.

Dallin the Shark. Sorry about the blurry shot. We'll have to re-do that one.

Caleb, our little bumblebee, absolutely loved his costume. He had been wearing it for about three days at this point. He especially loves the stinger on the back and enjoys backing into people, poking them with it and saying, "Sting!" Mardi found the little bee basket at Value Village for $1 and it finished things off just perfectly.

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  1. What great costume ideas! I love Caleb's face in the pumpkin carving pictures! Too funny!